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Bella’s Boho Chic Debut

This lucky debutante just got an unforgettable Boho Chic Party! This party was exclusive for friends only!  No adults allowed!! ;-) Bella is one of TLC Iloilo Event Planner's most beautiful debutante. Coming from a cool family, they decided to celebrate her 18th birthday with a Boho Chic Party which was pretty much a fitting [...]

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Isagani’s Golf Themed Party

Have you ever tried having a golf themed party? Engr. Isagani Jalbuena's golf themed party was a unique one. Inspired by his hobby and belonging to a golf club made this party possible. The party preparations started when invitations were sent off designed by Shaun Llanera. When golfing becomes one's passion it is indeed a [...]

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Ma. Nelly Margarette’s Christening

Iloilo Christening is mostly celebrated in a simple and elegant way like Nelly Margarette's event. TLC Iloilo Event Planner prepared a simple dessert table set up for Nelly which served as her event backdrop stage decoration. Nelly is just like a little angel sent from heaven that is why  TLC Iloilo Event Planner chose a [...]

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Khailey Alexa’s Cinderella Themed Party

Welcome to TLC Iloilo Event Planner  's fantasy themed party. This is another Cinderella Themed party for the beautiful and charming Khailey Alexa. She just turned 6 years old but her party was more than a grand 7th birthday celebration. Khailey is now based abroad but she came home to celebrate with her dear family [...]

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