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About Us


TLC did not have a typical start up story such as other event management companies. The idea of having TLC started off from a wild dream of our foundress and CEO, Ma. Hannah Hilbero-Amboy or as how people usually call her “Ms. Honey”. Contrary to her sweet nickname, she was born with a strong-willed spirit blessed with a classy taste in style. She was always drawn to fancy events and eyeing creative party ideas way back where party styling was not popularized in Iloilo City. She did not only dream to style parties at that time, in fact, she styled parties of her family and friends all by herself for free!

She finally decided to put up an event styling company when Julio Romero II called me (Dan Dolar-Galecio) to talk over the idea of partnering up in building an events team. Julio and I were partners at that time in hosting countless events and all together, we immediately agreed on terms. With our limited resources, the full support of M. Honey’s life partner—Engr. Earl Amboy, who became our company’s COO, we started accepting offers and we looked for clients. Our capital? Ideas.

When we met our clients, we only had ideas— ideas that brought us to where we are today. We did everything by ourselves, from styling, invitations and giveaways, hosting, lay-out, lights and sound operation and coordination! Saying that what we did was “multi-tasking” would be not enough. What we did was more like the term “sagad na sagad to the bones” work ethic. We were physically burned out but in just one good feedback from our client, we get back up and stay energized again. After a couple of events, Renz Melliza joined our team and we finally have an in-house artist and TLC partner on backdrop designs. Alfel Catalan also joined us and a huge amount of M. Honey’s work was cut down as we already have a very talented hand-craft artist (now you know why every single detail for TLC is one-of-a kind, all because of Alfel and M. Honey).

From probono events to VIP clients who had signed up with us to style luxurious parties and from 0 suppliers to having our very own team of suppliers now, TLC has sure gone a long way.

Photo Credits : Cuddle & Smile Photography

“We do small things that make big things happen.” Up until now we work with this tagline in mind, from the groom’s socks to the celebrant’s cake candle lighter—we got it all covered! Visit our contact page to set an appointment.