Vic & Elia’s Candy Land Party

A Candy Land Themed Party is every child’s dream! It is the best treat for imaginative kids and luckily, Vic and Elia, the lovely twins of Mr. Jack Tanaleon and Mrs. Katrina Gange-Tanaleon, are best known for their creative imagination!

Candies! lollipops! Cupcakes! Donuts! Cotton Candy! These words filled the kids’ mouths when they entered Vic and Elia’s Candy Land themed party. This is Vic and Elia’s 2nd birthday celebration and they surely enjoyed from the first minute they stepped on colorful candy land. TLC Iloilo transformed Solana Garden into a sweet place filled with all the yummy treats!

The program started with the grand entrance of the candy land royalties- Vic and Elia with their parents.

The program was a sweet one too! The Ninongs, Ninangs, titos, titas as well as Vic and Elia’s parents and grandparents wished them happiness and joy. While everyone were busy listening to the messages for the twins, the kids were busy doing their coloring activity and enjoying a unique touch from TLC Iloilo Event Planner. TLC made a wonderful topiary! guests dig into the decorative edible centerpiece.

Vic and Elia were the cutest celebrators. They even danced up stage to their favorite music Boom Boom by Momoland. After the sumptuous lunch, the parents of the celebrators prepared a special surprise. The Gender Reveal cake by K Sweets was taken out and the guests jumped up and looked pretty excited. The announcement of another sibling coming soon was made. The rest of the crowd made bets on the baby’s gender! A very tricky cake was made to even hype up the guests’ emotions. A series of small pink and blue ribbons were pulled out one by one and finally a big BLUE RIBBON appeared! It’s a baby BOY! The proud parents shared their story of naming the baby Jack II after his father.

Of course, TLC Iloilo Event Planner will never miss out preparing the signature dessert table filled with the most delicious imported marshmallows and candies! Many kids went in and out of the food stall replica decorated with sweets and the three layered cake by K Sweets.

After all the games and fun, a magic show was done by the party host and magician Kuya Gerwin from Iloilo Malikmata Team Gwapo. Each precious moment was captured by the very enthusiastic photographers of Dhan Barredo Studios. Sir Dhan most especially gave a hundred percent effort on taking out Vic and Elia’s best smile!

As the party ended, guests came out of the venue with full stomachs and the sweetest smiles. What a wonderful Candy Land Party indeed!

To see more of the twins Vic and Elia’s fun memories in their Candy Land themed party, please visit Vic and Elia’s Birthday Album by clicking here.

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