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Sophia’s Cinderella Debut

Sophia's Cinderella Debut last December 1, 2018 at Diversion 21 Hotel was an intimate celebration among the family and the closest friends of Sophia. As a debutant residing in the US, she decided to celebrate her special day here in the Philippines to show her great love for her family based here. For such a [...]

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Kianna’s Grand Debut

Prepare to be blown away by Kianna's Grand Debut.  Tlc Iloilo event planner prepared this grandest debut filled with the most unique party ideas carefully weaved together by the best team of suppliers. Let's get excited by starting off with the unique photo shoot coordinated by TLC Iloilo event planner, photographed by Gerald Macabate Wedding Photography, [...]

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Miss Teen Iloilo 2017 : Patricia Lynn Beerda’s Debut

TLC Iloilo Event Planner is proud to bring you the highlights on the royal debut of Miss Teen Iloilo 2017 : Patricia Lynn Beerda. It was the perfect night at Grand Xing Imperial Hotel and inside the 360 venue was Iloilo's most beautiful debutant celebrating her 18th birthday. Before the grand party started, Pat's hair [...]

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Aila’s Starry Debut

  Aila's Starry Debut last 2018 at Richmonde Hotel Iloilo was a party UNDER THE STARS. This magnificent debut combines the perfect color pallets royal blue and gold which would remind you of an elegant night below the starry sky. This was not TLC Iloilo Event Planner's first starry themed debut but it is personalized [...]

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Bella’s Boho Chic Debut

This lucky debutante just got an unforgettable Boho Chic Party! This party was exclusive for friends only!  No adults allowed!! ;-) Bella is one of TLC Iloilo Event Planner's most beautiful debutante. Coming from a cool family, they decided to celebrate her 18th birthday with a Boho Chic Party which was pretty much a fitting [...]

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Dana Steff’s Interstellar Party

Dana Steff's Interstellar Themed Party was a night filled with stars and guests explored towards galaxies with their dazzling casual dresses at The Mansion Iloilo Kalantiao Hall last July 22, 2018. The whole venue was styled by TLC Iloilo Event Planner. Dana Steff Gonzaga is the daughter of Roger Gonzaga and Louella Gonzaga. She is [...]

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TLC Iloilo Event Planner Debut Promo!

TLC Iloilo event planner has a big surprise! Check out our 5th year anniversary treat for you!! Reserve now before the slots are filled!! TLC Iloilo Event Planner Debut Promo Having a hard time planning your debut because you seem to be unsure of the budget? Book with us now and avail The Little Company's [...]

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Krezcelle: A Decade and Eight

There's only one thing in common for Iloilo Debuts and it is no other than... Grandeur! Debutantes won't settle for simple intimate debut celebrations. Well, after-all, they waited a decade and eight years just to savor this precious moment where they can be anything!  The Little Co. of course, will not miss to plan out [...]

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