Sophia’s Cinderella Debut

Sophia’s Cinderella Debut last December 1, 2018 at Diversion 21 Hotel was an intimate celebration among the family and the closest friends of Sophia. As a debutant residing in the US, she decided to celebrate her special day here in the Philippines to show her great love for her family based here. For such a sweet and talented girl like her, she truly deserves this Cinderella Themed party.

TLC Iloilo Event Planner made this event possible with the simple set up which fits the simple personality of the debutant. Except for the stage, TLC Iloilo event Planner’s signature dessert table with the sweets by K Sweets was a crowd pleaser. The white pumpkin cake was new and eye catching!

Aside from this set up, the program hosted by Jayvee Bayaban was a showcase of the family’s talent. Sophia, being a cheerleader also showed a promising talent with her smooth moves with her flag batons on stage. Everybody became emotional when the then and now photos were shown. The after party was fun filled as both the young and old enjoyed the music by¬†DJ John Coloma.

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